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  ”Ephesians and All that Jazz.  Riffing with Paul.  A Transliteration” is a unique take on Ephesians, full of passion, playfulness, profundity and life.  It will change your perception of God, of yourself and life.  “Jazz” can also be  part of a much needed change in the conversation of the church.  “Jazz” invites the reader to journey with the author as he explores, through the writing of Paul, the God you could never have imagined and the “you” imagined before the world began.

  William Jeynes, a professor, an evangelist, and government advisor, states in the forward that the first two chapters are worth a hundred times the price of the book.  Claudio Paramo, lead pastor of Casa de Oración, Mexico City, says, “Tom has given us a truly new approach to this beautiful book of Ephesians.  His fresh style and unique perspective make this book a precious pearl, not just to read, but to live and enjoy.”

  “Ephesians and All that Jazz”, while a paraphrase of Paul’s epistle, is called, in its title, a transliteration.  There are many words and concepts in Christian jargon which have a definition but no meaning.  Eyes can glaze over when righteousness or the Trinity, for example, are mentioned because there is no corresponding word in one’s internal dictionary to approximate their meaning.  

  A fresh, new meaning must be created within the heart of a believer before these words can be understood and lived out.  Objective truth must be internalized.  The Word must become flesh once again.  This is the essence of transliteration and what the Holy Spirit yearns to do in each heart, regardless one’s tradition.  “Jazz” can begin to open up the possibility of God to a hungry heart.        

  The author found, as he wrote, many of these concepts come alive. Most of these thoughts he had carried around for years. Some thoughts, however, dropped into his mind as he wrote and surprised him, and caused him to worship.  Your eyes will also be opened and that will cause you to reconsider the Trinitarian God, the Pauline prayers, “one faith, one Lord, one baptism”, grace, righteousness, being filled with the Spirit, spiritual warfare, relationships, and in that light, you and your place in life.   You will also discover a gritty and relatable Apostle Paul. 

  “Jazz” can be read as a devotional or straight through.  Either way, you will stop and wonder and the wonder of God and the wonder of you.


"It's well-written and insightful.  Ephesians and All that Jazz is a fascinating book.  I enjoyed reading it."  

As reviewed by Randy Brown


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"Step into the Light"

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Reviewed by:

G. Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


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Bill Jeynes says,

“Tom Anderson’s book, Ephesians and All the Jazz, Riffing with Paul, is an amazing and delightful book. . .  You must read the first two chapters.  These chapters alone are worth a hundred times the price of the book. . .

By the end of the book, the reader will feel like he knows Tom.  Whether you are thinking of a book for yourself, an unbeliever, or a believer, this book is for you.  On top of that, this book will draw you into the Word of God in a fresh way which is always a good thing.”

William Jeynes is a Professor at U of C, an Evangelist and a Government Advisor

Pastor Claudio Paramo says,

“The way that the apostle Paul gives us spiritual tools to be transformed in today’s world is pretty unique and special; but now my dear friend Tom has given us a truly new approach to this beautiful book of Ephesians; his fresh style and unique perspective make this book a truly precious pearl, not just to read but to live and enjoy.”

Claudio Páramo, Principal Pastor, Casa de Oración México

Summer Lacy says,

“I found Jazz to be thoroughly delightful!  I smiled and even laughed out loud while reading it.  It is energetic, engaging and playful.  The entire concept of riffing with Paul had me from the get-go.  Although my knowledge of Jazz is small, I know enough to appreciate and recognize the feel you created as you engaged the letter.  It had a rhythm to it that is all its own.  

Beyond that, I found it to be incredibly insightful and illuminating.  I loved how the author wove together into the fabric of the letter the wisdom and experience he gained from his own life. And there were parts that were so profound that it made me wonder, "How on earth did he know that?!"  I could sense that there were stories to be told beneath the surface of every insight he shared. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and have no doubt that it will delight others just as it did me. 

Summer Lacy is the author of “His Word Alone”, a number of Bible studies and is a Bible teacher.

Matthew Pieters says,

“Tom Anderson's "Ephesians and all that Jazz" brings a fresh perspective that will fill up your heart with Paul's message to the Ephesians.  Brimming with insight and depth, “Jazz” will help you hear the heart of God and the whisper of the Spirit's affection.  It speaks the love of Christ to your inner man.  This profoundly personal musing on Ephesians will awaken your soul to the depth of love we have in the gospel.”  

Matthew Pieters is pastor of BridgePoint Church, Valparaiso, IN


Tom Anderson has walked with the Lord and lived with his wife, Nancy, for over 45 years.  He is also a father, a grandfather and a friend.  The insights in this book were gleaned over the years from reading the Word of God and his own heart. 

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