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Who is the God behind the veil?

 Transliteration.  The most important word in ""Jazz"

The key to understanding Ephesians.

Grace. what the heck is in?

Filled in the Spirit

What has God called you to?

A strange place to put your treasure

What to do during times like these?

What is the riches of His inheritance?

Paul prayed that you might know 3 things.Must be important

Releasing God's power.

Releasing the power of God. It's not flashy, but it's real.

Warfare 1.  Finally

Warfare 2.  Be strong!  Nope, that's not what God said.

Warfare 3: What is standing about?

The nature of the battle and what victory looks like

 The devil's power structure and why that's important to you.

Warfare 6: The belt of truth has two parts

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